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Hall finding immediate role with Little Giants in freshman campaign

Former Crawfordsville standout Jesse Hall has been a consistent threat off the Wabash bench this season as a Freshman averaging nearly seven points and 3.5 rebounds.

For some incoming freshman playing college basketball, they may have to sit a year or two before they really find a conistent role. That’s not the case for former Crawfordsville standout and three-time Journal Review Player of the Year Jesse Hall. Hall is in the midst of his freshman season with Wabash and is consistently one of the first one’s that coach Kyle Brumett calls to off the bench.

In 13 games this season, Hall is the fifth leading scorer for Wabash at 6.8 points per game and grabs 3.4 rebounds while shooting 58 percent from the field and 44 percent from three.

The transition for Hall has a been one that he’s still learning, but that hasn’t stopped him from succeeding when he’s on the court.

“Honestly I didn’t really know what to expect at first,” Hall said. “It was a learning curve at first and it wasn’t easy but once you worked your way around that I was able to find my role and it made my experience a lot more enjoyable.”

Hall is part of a Little Giants team that currently sits at 11-3 on the season and is tied for first place in the North Coast Athletic Conference.

Brumett has seen the work that his talented freshman has put in and it’s beginning to be rewarded.

“Jesse is such a special player,” Brumett said. “Like most young guys he’s still got a lot of improving to do, but overall he sees the game at an advanced level for someone as big and young as he is. That has allowed him to have success quicker. Already he’s faced different challenges as a freshman in the classroom and on the court. We’re excited for how well he’s played for us so far.”

The match for Hall and the Little Giants seems to be made in heaven. Wabash is a very senior-led team and has leaders such as Jack Davidson, Kellen Schreiber, Ahmoni Jones, and Tyler Watson. Those leaders have allowed Hall to come in and learn what it’s like to be a true Little Giant.

“It was a blessing to have those guys,” Hall said. “They really helped me on the basketball court but even more off it. Jack Hegwood was another senior who just really helped me calm down at points. All of them have helped me just with those little freshman things that everyone goes through.”

Beginning his sophomore year at Crawfordsville, Hall was asked to carry a majority of the weight of the team. While he was able to do that at a high level, Brumett sees this situation as a much better one for Hall who, at a higher level of basketball, isn’t asked to carry the load.

“I think anytime you can transition young players into college basketball without a ton of pressure on them, it allows them to get their feet underneath them at a more managable pace,” Brumett said. “Being able to bring Jesse off the bench with this group that we already have while still finding ways for him to be aggressive has added an exciting deminsion to this group.”

The talent has always been there for Hall who looks to have an even bigger role for the Little Giants in the coming seasons. When that point does come, Brumett knows Hall will be ready for his next challenge.

“For as big as he his, to be able to shoot it as well as he does, finish with both hands at the rim, you don’t see that in most guys like Jesse,” Brumett said. “The thing that often goes unnoticed about Jesse is he’s an amazing passer. He makes the other guys around him better.”

This is only the beginning for Hall as while the future is still not quite yet determined, it does look pretty bright.

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