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Basketball Heritage Project Fundraiser

The BHP (Basketball Heritage Project) Board of Directors wish to thank many people who played important roles in achieving a successful fundraiser for the organization this past weekend. We conducted a hole-in-one competition on the 132-yard par 3 18th hole at Rocky Ridge Golf Course between the local men and the men of The Ravines’ course and a 50/50 drawing. This annual two-day competition included twenty-five two-man teams from each course (won by the Ravines by a mere three points) and was generously supported by the golfers from each side. Although no aces were made, one golfer's shot was 4" from the cup. Several men had shots end up within a twenty-foot diameter circle which earned them some 50/50 tickets.

We cannot thank enough the Hole family of Rocky Ridge who allowed us this opportunity to raise scholarship money to support Montgomery County students. In addition, we also thank Tom Hoke for donating back to our organization the sizable amount he won in the 50/50 drawing.

Thanks again,

Carolyn Teague, Sue Locker, Bill Locker, Dick Haslam, Steve Akers, Amber King and Joan White

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