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MCMURRY: My heart aches for the seniors

I want to take time to take a break from writing about our area’s senior spring athletes, and let them all know that my heart is aching for them. After my sophomore year I quit the game of baseball, and never went back. I was frustrated with the game that I fell in love with at a very young age. Felt like I was not given a fair opportunity, and saw my chance to be an accomplished high school athlete slipping away. I was wrong, and now years later I realize that it was all on me. No matter how many baseball games I attend, or stories I write, I cannot cover that void in my heart, and rid away the churning in my stomach. I have regrets as a high school athlete, and those were self-inflicted — so I can only imagine what you are feeling right now after having your sport taken away without warning. Seniors — It will be okay. While I do often ponder about my time as a high school athlete, there will be much bigger obstacles in life than the one you are facing now, and they are approaching much quicker than you might think. I urge you to spend these next couple of months reflecting on your childhood, your education, and remembering all the good memories you experienced. And when things go back to normal, spend time as a kid, doing things that kids do like riding a bike, going to an amusement park with your friends, or staying up all night playing games — for those days are limited. Life will get harder, and then easier again — and I hope that if you learn one thing from this experience it’s that nothing in life is guaranteed. It’s okay to be mad, sad, and angry. And it’s okay to have regrets, to miss your teammates and coaches, and to look back and think ‘what if.’ All senior athletes, just promise me one thing: 10 years from now, you’ll look back and realize how much sports changed your life. Because I know they changed mine. Playing sports is one of the greatest learning tools that God has given us. So never take them for granted. Jared McMurry was born and raised in Montgomery County and is the Sports Editor of the Journal Review. He can be reached by email at and by phone at 765-918-8656. Follow him on Twitter @jaredmac26

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