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Picking the area’s best senior athletes

In Tuesday's newspaper is a list of 64 senior athletes from Crawfordsville, Fountain Central, North Montgomery, and Southmont. There are 32 boys and 32 girls, all boys are squared off against girls and vice versa for the first round. The bracket will change and be updated in the newspaper on a daily basis, and it is up to you to pick the deserving senior athlete to advance. Each morning go to JR_Sports on Twitter and you can vote for your favorite athlete. Today there will be 32 polls to vote for, and then 16 on Wednesday, and so on and so forth until we have a winner. As we advance there will be tidbits written about each athlete to honor these seniors and their accomplishments. Yes there are freshmen, sophomores, and juniors that are deserving of this list, but it is important to honor as many senior athletes as possible at this time. Each voting poll will be available for eight hours. Thanks for participating!

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