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Need your help with sports coverage

As COVID-19 continues to cancel events and sideline students from returning to school and athletic fields, sports journalism enters an unprecedented time. I want to send my many thanks to all of the coaches who have reached out in the last week with their reaction to the situation. If you wish to say more, I will continue to be available throughout the spring to tell the stories of the many great athletes and coaches in our community. With that being said, I want to inform everyone of my coverage plan for the upcoming week and let you know how you all can get involved. First I want to say thank you to the few student athletes who have already reached out with their reactions. The responses have been great, and I am looking for many more to start funneling in. I want to tell your story and give you the recognition you deserve, especially to all of our senior athletes as you await the fate of your final seasons. I can be reached on Twitter, both my personal account @jaredmac26 and the Journal Review account @jr_sports. You can also send responses by email at Thank you in advance for reaching out. This week I will be looking back at our archives and retelling the stories of the last basketball sectional titles won by each of our area eight teams. I would love to get your memories of the those teams, either as a coach, player, parent, or fan. Those teams are Crawfordsville boys basketball 2014, Crawfordsville girls basketball 2009, Fountain Central boys basketball 2015, Fountain Central girls basketball 2015, North Montgomery boys basketball 2009, North Montgomery girls basketball 2007, Southmont boys basketball 1994, and Southmont girls basketball 2014. Please send me a message via twitter or email at We will also be joining March Madness with our own bracket to close out the month of March. In Tuesday’s newspaper there will be a bracket with 64 area senior athletes, 32 boys and 32 girls. Each day there will be voting on Twitter and the bracket will be updated each day in the newspaper and online. The goal is to highlight and show recognition to a lot of our senior athletes, and have our readers continue to stay involved and have fun by picking the area’s best senior athlete. Thank you for your continued support of the Journal Review.

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