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Crawfordsville's Chavez one of a kind

He makes his bed every morning. Something so simple can go so far in telling what kind of person someone is. That’s what Crawfordsville senior John Chavez believes, and that’s what he is.

John Chavez

“I just want to be a better person in general,” he said. “It’s what motivates me to do a lot of stuff. I try to wake up early in the morning, 5 a.m. usually. I make my bed every morning, so I’m trying to do more stuff that I can do in a routine, which has helped a lot in every aspect of my life.” Since last summer, the Athenian boys basketball manager has lost 85 pounds, doing something each day to get better. “It’s inspiring,” Crawfordsville coach David Pierce said. “Everybody tries to live better, everybody tries to diet, and he did it, he stuck with it. He shows that discipline throughout life.” Chavez, a 3-year letter winner in football, wrestled in middle school, and knew he had to be involved with something during the winter months once he got to high school. Choosing to be a boys basketball manager was one of several factors in making Chavez into a better person. “I love the school and the environment, and it always brings good vibes, especially with this team. It’s something really special,” he said. “I can rely on them for anything. If I have a problem, I can rely on coach Pierce, if I have a problem with the guys, I just go up and ask them anything. We are all just so together and it’s really special. It’s like a family.” Chavez may not realize it, but he deserves some credit for the Athenian’s recent success. “It’s interesting, normally when we have managers, it takes two and sometimes three years where they take an ownership role where they don’t have to be told what to do,” Pierce said. “But John from day one, ‘I’m going to make my role, and I’m going to be the leader.’ His leadership from day one, completely changed everything, because then I didn’t have to do a lot of stuff, and things were taken care of, and I could focus more on the team. And that was an element that caused us to be better coaches.” Chavez is a first-generation American. Born in Greenville, North Carolina, him and his family moved to Crawfordsville when he was one or two years old, when his Dad accepted a job with a company that worked through Nucor. Since, they have engrossed themselves into the Crawfordsville community, becoming members at the PIBC Hispanic Church. “It’s helped our family grow tremendously,” Chavez said. “I couldn’t be more grateful for that church. I also want to give the glory to God, because he’s helped me through a lot of stuff.” In May Chavez will graduate in the top-10 of his class, with a GPA north of 4.0, and in the fall, he will attend Indiana University on a full-ride academic scholarship. Since making a choice to live better for himself, his new goal is to help others. He plans to study kinesthetics and nutrition to do just that. “I want to start helping others, especially with dieting and weight lifting,” he said. “I just love helping others and seeing others have progress the same way I did.” Chavez has left his mark on Crawfordsville, and Pierce has no doubt he will continue to do the same wherever he goes. “Good things happen to good people,” he said. “And obviously a lot of good things are happening to John right now, and that’s an attribute to his parents, and who they’ve made him to be.” Tomorrow, John Chavez will wake up early and make his bed. Tomorrow, John Chavez will do something to become a better person.

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