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Athenians accept challenge of clearing driveways of snow

Team Photo

With snow sweeping across the area last Saturday, all athletic events were canceled, and the Crawfordsville boys basketball coaching staff challenged all of their players to shovel their own driveway, and at least one other for no money. By the end of the day Saturday, they had cleared over 80 properties. "Love is an action, not just a word," Athenians coach David Pierce said in a Facebook post. "They are going to grow up and be amazing neighbors and citizens in anyone's community." "This group of young men and lady are special people," he added. "It's no wonder why they are 17-3 (Including JV record). They are disciplined, thoughtful, WORK HARD, and have great character. Can't say enough about these families." The Athenians are enduring the 2018-19 season with three simple hashtags. #EarnEverything #TheAthenianWay #Us&We&NotAboutMe Job well done, Athenians.

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