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McCarty verified as record holder

This article first appeared in the Journal Review on Feb. 8, 2018

Crawfordsville graduate Matt McCarty is still rewriting the basketball record book some 14 years after graduation.

McCarty a 1994 Crawfordsville graduate, and now a member of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, was one of the top basketball players to ever wear a gold and blue jersey. He still holds the school record for things like most points in a game (57 vs. Frankfort) and points in a season 719 (in the 1993-94 season) and ended his career second on the all-time school scoring list with 1,410 points.

However, recently it was discovered that McCarty was the proud owner of yet another record. This time the record was a state record.

While doing some research for a recent Montgomery County Remembers column it was discovered that McCarty’s 10-for-10 effort from three-point range against Central Catholic on Jan. 23, 1993 was indeed a state record for most three-pointers made in a game without a miss.

The story and box score was submitted to Leigh Evans who runs the Hickory Husker website ( which is considered to be the top high school basketball website in the state of Indiana. Several years ago, Evans began the grueling task of putting together a Top 10 list in a multitude of categories and one is most 3-pointers in a game without a miss. He relies on researchers, sportswriters, coaches and fans to help search and document possible inclusions to the lists.

On Jan. 16, Evans officially recognized McCarty as the state leader with a post on the site:

“A tip and some research has confirmed a new state record for 3FG% in a game! Since the advent of the three point line in 1987, a hell of lot of shots have been sent into the air, but no player anywhere in our fine state has knocked down 10 of 10 in a game. Crawfordsville’s Matt McCarty did just that vs. Lafayette Central Catholic during the 1992-93 season to claim the state record...”

Prior to the discovery, the record had Delta’s Tanner Lambert as the record holder as he hit all nine of his long-range shots in a game against New Palestine during the 2015-16 season. Ironically, the person listed tied for second place was North Montgomery’s D.J. Byrd who hit all seven of his shots against Greencastle during the 2005-06 season.

When contacted about his new record, the humble McCarty responded.

“I look at it more that I am proud to be able to represent Crawfordsville and its storied basketball history than something I did individually,” he said last week. “From a historical point, to be the one player to have had the opportunity to do something no one else in the state has ever done is quite humbling. I love the game. I loved wearing a Crawfordsville basketball uniform. It’s quite an honor.”

McCarty said he couldn’t remember the game in great detail except for one thing.

“I couldn’t tell you about the shots,” he said. “I can tell you I remember competing against a great opponent and they had some great players. It was one of those things where the intensity of the game was such that you didn’t really realize what you had done until after the game. It was a back-and-forth game and I remember just trying to do what I could to help Crawfordsville come out on top.”

All he did in that game was to help the Athenians to a 97-83 win by scoring 42 points. Darren has added 20. Central Catholic big gun — Dan Muller — tallied 28 but was saddled with foul trouble throughout the game before fouling out.

For the game McCarty was 13-for-16 from the floor (10-for-10 from 3-point range) and 6-for-9 from the foul line. His 42 points set a gym record. The previous mark was set by Dick Wilkinson, who had scored 39 in the 1960-61 season.

This record was set in the final season of the Athenians’ playing at the old high school gym on College Street (now the Athena Center). Setting the record in that gym was also special according to McCarty.

“I loved that gym,” he said. “Every time you stepped in there you thought about all the greats who had played there. The atmosphere was just awesome. The new gyms don’t have that feeling. Every time I step back in that gym the hair on the back of my neck stands up. I will never forget playing there.”

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