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Indiana High School Basketball Hall of Fame Silver Anniversary Teams

“Each year the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame honors a Silver Anniversary Team on both the men's and women's side. Individuals selected for the Silver Anniversary Team are recognized as outstanding high school senior basketball players from twenty-five years ago. Eligibility for the Silver Anniversary Team is only in the 25th year after graduation.”

Montgomery County players that have been

selected for the Silver Anniversary Teams

Women 2003 Team: Andra (Harshbarger) Hudson (North Montgomery) 2012 Team: Shannon (Hardesty) Cantu (Crawfordsville) Men 1962 Team: Richard McGaughey (Crawfordsville) 1967 Team: Robert Clements (Crawfordsville) 1970 Team: Howard Williams (New Ross) 1982 Team: Charles Bowerman (Alamo) 1983 Team: Richard Haslam (Crawfordsville)

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