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Bowers High School

Bowers High School Basketball: A Brief History

Bowers won the sectional in 1927.

Bowers High School began fielding a basketball team in 1913. The team was called the “Blackshirts” and wore black and gold uniforms. Bowers High School closed in 1955 and was merged into Darlington High School. After the sectional format for the Indiana state high school basketball tournament was begun in 1915, the first team to win the Crawfordsville sectional other than Crawfordsville or Wingate was Bowers in 1927. This was their only sectional championship. Bowers also won the Montgomery County Tournament once in 1942. Bowers High School did not have a gym in which the team could practice or play their home games. Beginning in 1937 or 1938 the team practiced and played their home games in the Darlington Armory which was six miles from the high school. It is not known where they practiced or played home games prior to that.

Perhaps the most well known Bowers player was Dave Horney who graduated in 1955, the last year that the school existed. Horney was the only Bowers player to score 1,000 or more points, scoring 1172 points in 81 games. Horney is the only Bowers player in the Montgomery County Basketball Hall of Fame.

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