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Waveland High School Basketball

The Waveland “Hornets”, playing in their gym “the Hornet’s Nest”, were consistently one of the most successful teams in the county especially in the 1950s. From 1915, when sectional tournaments were first played, until the consolidation of Montgomery County Schools in 1971, Waveland won more sectional tournaments, six, than any other county school.

Only Crawfordsville, “the big city school”, who dominated the sectional tournaments, had more wins with 33 sectional wins during that period. From 1949 to 1955 Waveland won 140 games while losing only 29. Waveland also won four County Tournaments all in the 1950s. Perhaps the most famous name associated with Hornet basketball is Greve. A player named Greve was on every Waveland team that won a County or Sectional tournament.

Waveland High closed in 1971 merging into Southmont High School. Waveland fielded a girls’ basketball team in the 1910-20s, but girls’ basketball was discontinued in the 1930s.

Twelve players and one man who coached Waveland are in the Montgomery County Basketball Hall of Fame. The players are: Leonard Greve (1937), Ray Greve (1939), Charlie Arvin (1946), Bob Gooding (1947), Keith Greve (1951), Bill Wheeler (1952), Bill Greve (1955), Herschel Teague (1963), Don Evans (1964), Phil Meyers (1967), Mike Mitchell (1968), and Dean Miller (1969).

Cliff Davis who coached Waveland in the 1940s and 1950s is in the Montgomery County Basketball Hall of Fame.

Keith Greve (1951) is in the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.

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